demande de traduction du Russe en Français #russia #translation


Quelqu'un pourrait-t-il me traduire ou m'indiquer la signification de deux documents en Russe datant de 1919.
Merci d'avance


The scan is of the description of the archival file (identification 1-1-2909), not of the file itself.  It states that there are 30 pages in this file.  You would have to order this file from the archive - Central State Archive of the USSR.  As the USSR no longer exists, the archive has been renamed or maybe even merged into another archive.  The first page is dated 1988, the second page has a note that this document was given to "Special storage" in March 1965.
There is no information at all what the document is titled, the content, or dates, associated with this document.

Mike Vayser