Looking for data on 12thEast transport April 1942 Berlin to Warsaw Ghetto: looking for family #holocaust

Evelyn and Christopher Wilcock

I use the images of the deportation lists on the website https://www.statistik-des-holocaust.de

The 12th transport from Berlin may be here.

But it looks fragmentary. Arriving safely in a ghetto did not indicate safety or survival. Ghettos were liquidated and deportations made from ghettos to extermination centres or to other camps.

Evelyn Wilcock

Paul Beek

On this Yad Vashem site: https://deportation.yadvashem.org/index.html?language=de&itemId=5092661&ind=1ot13.html, there is a mention of this 12th transport from Berlin to Warsaw Ghetto, it was supposed to first have gone to camp Trawnicki near Lublin. One of my family was on that train and in this article it states that no Berlin Jew survived, they were met by the Chairman of the Jewish Council, he says in his diary that he took them to the Jewish Library.
So know what happened to them?They did not survive so who killed them, where and who gave the order?

If anyone has knowledge about this, please let me know.
The relevant organisations already got an email form me but am hoping for more clues, thank you all 
with best regards

Paul Beek
the Netherlands