JewishGen Annual Meeting - August 3 #JewishGenUpdates #jgs-iajgs

Nancy Siegel

JewishGen is holding its virtual 2021 Annual Meeting on Tuesday, August 3, at 12:30 PM Eastern (NY) Time. Don’t miss it! Exciting changes, features, and movement!

Attendance is free, but you must be registered for the IAJGS Conference to attend. As a major sponsor of the Conference of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies, August 1 - 5, JewishGen is featuring an outstanding variety of sessions, including the Annual Meeting and the Research Division and Project Meetings.

For the schedule of JewishGen meetings, click:

To register for the conference, click:

You must be registered to attend the meetings and other sessions. There are three levels of registration:

  • Full Conference registration allows access to all sessions, meetings, and presentations for one fee. 

  • Limited Access permits attendance at all SIG, BOF, Research Division, and Research Group meetings only. The $18 fee will allow you to attend all of these meetings. 

  • Free Access allows attendance at the JewishGen Annual Meeting on Tuesday, August 3, at 12:30 Eastern (NY) Time. There is also free access to the IAJGS 2021 Annual Meeting, and the IAJGS sponsored JGS Management Seminars. You must be registered to attend these free meetings.

For the full schedule of conference programs, click:

Nancy Siegel
Director of Communications
(San Francisco, California)