Help in transcribing illegible documents #general

Sara Manobla

I have inherited a fascinating family archive (in French) of letters, diaries, press cuttings and more, from Paris of the 1940s, including the German occupation. When I have sorted the documents they will be sent to the library of l'Alliance Israelite Universelle in Paris. Currently I am transcribing handwritten letters and diaries that are of personal interest to our family. While I can read most of the material without difficulty there are some letters and diaries that are practically illegible, even for a native French speaker. Are there any tools that can help - scan, enlarge, transcribe a difficult handwritten text? Any ideas? Suggestions welcome.
Sara Manobla (Jerusalem)

David Shapiro

If you have the original document, and the problem is that it is faded, UV light could bring out the faded ink. In any case, you might try look at it letter by letter though a microscope, or at least a stong magnifing glass. I have worked with antigue manscripts and have had success with these methods.

David Shapiro