Voter Registration Records from Brooklyn #usa #records

Noah Scheer

I was wondering if anyone had ordered New York voter-registration forms before. I’m trying to find the voting records of someone who was living
in Brooklyn between 1926 and 1940.

The JewishGen InfoFile ( says that records are available from the Board of Elections if I send a blank ledger form and pay $3. However, this page hasn’t been updated since 1998. Is this still the way to access these records?

In addition, I know where and when this person lived in Brooklyn but I
don’t know the Assembly District or Election District for that
location. Is it still possible to order the form with only an address,
a name, and the date?

Noah Scheer
Boston, MA

Sherri Bobish


This Reclaim The Records site should be helpful:
The page includes detailed instructions as to obtaining a voter record (not just 1924 records which are discussed at this site.)

Note the instructions for the boro's of Brooklyn & The Bronx are different from the instructions for the other three boro's.

This page has two excellent JewishGen posts by Allan Jordan regarding NYC voter records and finding the AD/ED:

I suggest asking for a voter record from a presidential election year, as voter turnout is always higher those years.

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish