JewishGen's Holocaust Database Adds 660,000 Records #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

Dear JewishGen Community,

JewishGen is proud to announce its 2021 annual update to the Holocaust Database. The Holocaust Database (HDB) can be accessed at   The database includes data from a variety of sources including museums, websites, historical organizations, individual researchers, and archives.  
This update added approximately 660,000 records in 30 data sets. This update brings the Holocaust Database holdings to 3.69 million records and with more than 380 component data sets.  
The following new data sets have been added to the HDB since last year’s conference:
Western Europe
  • French Deportees
  • German Towns (Peter W. Landé, Allison Zhang and Liliya Meyerovich / US Holocaust Memorial Museum)
  • Italian DP Camps (Mina Mauerstein-Bail)
  • LaManche Shoah Victims
  • Norwegian Deportees (Kristian Ottosen)
  • Traunstein, Germany Displaced Persons (DP) Camp Records (Peter W. Landé, Allison Zhang and Liliya Meyerovich / US Holocaust Memorial Museum)
  • Ubès Camp Forced Labor
Eastern Europe
  • Auschwitz Medical Test Victims (Jessica Skippon)
  • Bucharest Pogrom Victims - January 22-23, 1941
  • Romanian Returning Survivors (Sandy Malek / Maramures Records Indexing Project of JewishGen’s Hungarian Research Division)
  • Rovno, Poland Community Fee Contributions - 1939
  • Târgu Mureș (Marosvásárhely), Romania Students and Teachers Deported to Auschwitz 1944 (Professor John Hoenig and Andrei Grunfeld)
  • The Lados List - Jews Saved by Aleksander Ładoś, Polish Envoy in Bern (The Pilecki Institute)

Jeff Malka Collection (Dr. Jeff Malka and Mathilde Tagger)

  • 1941 Egyptian Directory
  • Bulgarian Partisans
  • Crete, Florinam and Volos Victims
  • Deported to Bergen-Belsen
  • French Deportees and Victims
  • Monastir Jews in Treblinka
  • Prominent Egyptian Jews
  • Tunisian Camp Victims

  • Ioannina, Greece Holocaust Victims (Marcia Haddad Ikonomopoulous / Museum Director -Kehila Kedosha Janina Museum)
  • Jewish Children Attending the Umberto School in Thessaloniki, Greece Between the Wars
  • Rhodes and Cos Deportees (Aron Hasson of the Rhodes Jewish Historical Foundation)
  • Salonika Victims (Heinz D. S. Kounto & Marcia Haddad Ikonomopoulous / Museum Director -Kehila Kedosha Janina Museum)

  • USC Shoah Foundation – Holocaust Survivor Testimonies (USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive®)
  • Haitian Jews Nationalized in Absentia (“Haiti’s Jewish History” by Joseph Bernard, Jr.)
  • Mirer Yeshiva Students
  • Palestine Certificates (Professor John Hoenig)
  • The Breman Oral Histories (Peggy Mosinger Freedman & Jeremy Katz / William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum)
We wish to thank all of the individuals and organizations that graciously permitted us to add their data to our databases.  
We also want to thank all of the JewishGen volunteers that have worked on creating, formatting, writing introductions, and html-ing in order for us to make this data ands information available to you.  They include; Alicia Goldstein, Carol Oliver, Eric Feinstein, Mike Kalt, Sara Laufer, and Sara Susskind.
Nolan Altman
JewishGen Director for Special Projects – Holocaust Database
August, 2021