A Different Theory on The Name KALMAN #sephardic #names

Herbert Danziger

I have recently tested for maternal DNA at FTDNA and my haplogroup has come back as U6a7a1b,  the Sepahardic Cluster.  My maternal line is most recently from Lituiania, specifically Seredzius, and the earliest complete name in my maternal DNA line is my grandmother Minnie Jacobson (1873-1938).  Her father was Kalman Yakobson (1831-1898).  He was married to Rive Pese (no known surname) (1833-1908).  In researching possible Sephardic Spanish roots I came across the surname Colmenero which is listed as a Sephardic name..  It is my theory that the name Colmenero  possibly evolved from Colmenero to Colmen to Colman to Kolman to Kalman.  In searching JGen Lithuania it appears that these names as well as similar ones have been used as both given and surnames over the years.  I would like to make contact with JGenners who have Lithuanian, Spanish, Mexican ancestry and have similar names in their family tree.  I have already made contact with Mexican / Spanish Conversos who have Colmenero in their trees as well.  Their trees go back to the 1400s and 1500s. Looking forward
Herbert K. Danziger
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