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Shimy Karni

Attached is a birth record of my aunt.
Most of the record includes names, that do not needed translation
I need translation just for information of my grandparents occupation, dates etc.
Thanks a lot ,
Shimi Karni, Israel


Here is all of the information:

birth:  Feb 1st, 1922, in Wischnitz, house # 24;


date of naming:  Feb. 4th, 1922, in Wischnitz


name:  Paje, girl, legitimate birth


Father:  Wolf Hersch Hoffer, soap maker in Wiznitz, married, whose mother was the unmarried Yenty Hoffer of Wiznitz  [this means that she did not have a civil marriage; she might have had a Jewish marriage]

Mother:  Sara Lea Hoffer, married, residing in Wiznitz, whose mother was the unmarried Paji Scher from Kuty [again, possibly only a Jewish marriage]


The signature of the godfather or witnesses, of the Sandek or the Shammes:  Wolf Fuchs, synagogue attendant, Benjamin Baum, carpenter in Wiznitz


An additional signature (the column is missing a word; if it would be a boy, it would be the name of the Mohel; in the case of a girl, it is presumably another member of the Jewish community):  Leiser Reifer, bricklayer in Wiznitz


Midwife:  Rosa Sussmann in Wiznitz


In the comment column:  Marriage of the parents verified by a marriage registry of Kuty (volume IV, page 70, entry # 12.  Date of marriage:  June 3, 1914.

By the way, you can post such documents on "ViewMate", in the "translation-German" category.

Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA