Help Decipher Handwriting on Ship Manifest #russia


Thanks Shosh and Paul!

Not sure why those images are so blurry.  Those are the FamilySearch documents and on my end, they're very clear.  Sorry about that!

Correct, that is Grand St. on the New York address.  That first initial is the most important.  Possibly an L?

Amy Mitchell

Paul Chirlin

This is an enlargement of the person going to in NY. It seems to say brother missing the top loop of the B, but could less likely say mother. The house number is partly obscured by the entry below, but 3x0, maybe 330 or 390. The street is the same as the person above who is going to number 298. Maybe Grand st??  All you have for a name is a first initial.

This is the leaving behind, clearly brother with initial E in Minsk.  By the way the images on Familysearch are much sharper than those on ancestry or the Ellis Island page.

Paul Chirlin



Always go to see manifests on as they are the clearest of all: here is the link- not sure about the address. Maybe someone else can tell. Also, I couldn't find the brother on NY on the 1910 census.

Name: Ester Starobwicz
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Immigration Date: 09 Mar 1909
Immigration Place: Ellis Island, New York City, New York, United States
Residence Place: Minsk, Russia
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: Russia, Hebrew
Additional Person's Name: E Starobwicz
Second Additional Person's Name: T Sharobwicz
Page Number: 149
Affiliate Line Number: 0027
Departure Port: Antwerp
Ship Name: Zeeland

Affiliate Film Number: T715-1213
Affiliate Publication Title: Passenger and Crew Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York , NY, 1897-1957
Digital Folder Number: 007659110
Microfilm Number: 1399897
Image Number: 00305
Indexing Batch: P00153-5
Affiliate Film Number: 1213

Citing this Record
"New York Passenger Arrival Lists (Ellis Island), 1892-1924", database with images, FamilySearch ( : 2 March 2021), Ester Starobwicz, 1909.

Shosh Eizenshtein, Toronto


Hi All,

Attached is the ship manifest for one of my ggm, who sailed from Minsk, Russia to NYC.  Can anyone interpret the name of her brother in Minsk, the name of her brother in the US, and the address of her brother in the US?

She is on Line 27 - Ester Starobwicz.

Thanks in advance!
Amy Mitchell