PERLIN family (St. Louis; New Bedford; Orsha) #belarus

Andy Monat

I am searching for information on the PERLIN family from Orsha, Belarus, who have a connection to my RIVLIN family from Orsha, with possible relatives who lived in St. Louis or New Bedford.

I am interested because my RIVLIN ancestors arrived at Ellis Island in 1914, and my great-grandmother Nechame RIVLIN (born Nechame HOLMAN/GULMANN) declared to a Board of Special Inquiry that she and her children who came with her are "natives and residents of Orszow Russia where I have uncle Juda Perli in good health". The ship manifest notes that her nearest relative in the place she came from was "Sister Fiadi Gulmann Bitepski Gob Russia" (meaning Vitebsk guberniya). My assumption is that the family name of "Juda Perli" is PERLIN, given a large number of documents about people named PERLIN in Orsha, both in the early 1900s and in Holocaust records.

I found an Ellis Island manifest indicating that a Dawid PERLIN (a bricklayer) immigrated to New Bedford, Massachusetts from Orsha, arriving at New York on 6 March 1904, going to his uncle Leib MINKIN. Another Ellis Island manifest indicates that a Zeilik PERLIN (a blacksmith) immigrated to St. Louis, Missouri from Orsha, arriving 29 October 1912, going to his brother Mordche PERLIN who lived at 1924 Biddle St, St. Louis. A number of other documents as well as graves indicate that members of those families lived in New Bedford and St. Louis for many decades.

(I have looked at JewishGen Family Finder and found two people researching PERLIN in Orsha. One is Becky SHULAK who has not logged in since before 2004; I would be happy to hear from relatives of hers if any are here. The other person I have attempted to contact over the years but never received a reply.)

Thank you,
Andy Monat
Massachusetts, USA
p.s. Feel free to be in touch even if you're reading this message many years after it was sent.

Gerald and Margaret

I suggest that you contact 'The Together Plan', a charity, based in
the UK and Belarus, which among many other projects, has a genealogical service.  As a way of helping Jews still in Belarus becoming used to earning money if they provide a good service, they can do genealogical research in Belarus on behalf of people in the West.  Their huge advantage is that they know the languages and understand the various bureaucracies.  
Do check out their website:-   What We Do

Margaret Levin
London UK