Find records of Wiznitz town #austria-czech #romania #ukraine #records

Shimy Karni


I am looking for records from the town Wiznitz in Bukovina, which was change countries:
Austria before WWI, Romania between WWI and WWII and Ukraine after WWII.

I found records, with help of Ruth from the group, in the range 1918-1930.
Is there any other place which I can find the other years records?
E.G in a record from 1922, which I found in the range,
there is a quote of a record from 1914, which is out of that range, can I find ii, and how?
Shimi Karni, Israel


Dear Shimi,
Sorry I can not help with your question. My maternal grandmother was Sarah Weiner was from Wiznitz, Her mother was Bosche Kurtz Weiner. Bosche's parents were Moses and Gussie Kurtz.
Let me know if any names are familiar and where you found your Wiznitz records.
Thank  you,
Fern Gutman

Ed Vogel

I’m also interested in finding information about people from Wiznitz.  I found birth records via jewishgen for my paternal grandfather David FOGEL/VOGEL and his siblings, Jakob and Mariem Scheine.  Their parents were Mordecai Shimshon FOGEL and Sarah Spasser.  I’ve been stuck trying to find more information about the family.  

Ed Vogel 


Did yoy look directly on 

Shosh Eizenshtein 

Ed Vogel

I have tried searching jri-poland directly, and only found the same records I found with jewishgen.  Are there records that have not yet been made available online?  Do I have any other options?


Ed Vogel 


Shimy, how did you find the Wiznitz records with help of Ruth from the group, in the range 1918-1930?   I also had family from there.

Thank you.

Dan Gutfreund
Phoenix, Arizona


Records for Wiznitz from 1918 to 1930 are on the Family Search website.  As I recall they are not indexed so it helps to have an idea about dates.

Hope this helps.

Ruth Bloomfield