Seeking genealogists or genealogy help in Hungary #hungary #holocaust #records

Nik Harta

I am trying to find out details about my grandmother's brother who was alleged to have died on the infamous death march of Hungarian Jews in WWII. The objective is to be able to have his name added to the Yad Vashem records in eternal remembrance. I'm really struggling to trace any records about him online and would like to speak with anyone who can recommend any accessible sources or I can work with any genealogists who can help. Any advice is truly appreciated.


Nik Harta   (London)


The best Hungarian researcher is Karesz Vandor (Vandor is his last name).  He speaks English, Hungarian, Hebrew. He is very familiar with Hungarian history, particularly the Holocaust.  You can reach him at HungarianRoots: info@...
Debbie Long
Triangle JGS (Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh/ NC)
Always looking for GALAS and DOBRZYNSKI of Lodz, Poland; 
WEISZ and MUNK of Ujpest, Hungary;
TREIBER and KRAEMER of Dobromyl, Poland/Ukraine

Larry Briggs

I second the recommendation for Karesz Vandor. He does excellent work and was very responsive. 
Larry Briggs


I also recommend Karesz Vandor.
But I am curious about what you are referring to when you say "the infamous death march of Hungarian Jews in WWII." There were many death marches that included Hungarian Jews (eg. in the fall of 1944, well after the countryside had been emptied of Jews, large numbers of the remaining Jews of Budapest were marched to Austria (to Mauthausen) and various other camps from there; or when Auschwitz was being emptied before the arrival of the Soviet army, etc. (not to mention other death marches between concentration and death camps in Germany in the last few months of the war...) 
Judy Young
Ottawa, Canada

Beth Long

Karesz Vandor is indeed a fine genealogist. So is Andras Koltai (also based in Budapest).
Beth Long
Reno Nevada

Ross, Phil

I have personally used the services of Andras Koltai in Budapest, and I can attest that he is outstanding.

Philip Ross
Walnut Creek, CA