Levin/Levien/Levine/Levy Moss/Moses HELP #unitedkingdom

Alice Crawford

Hi all,

The man in the photo is Moss Levin, at least that’s what he was called in England. He is my great-grand mother’s grandfather.

The census states that he was born around 1771 in Kingston, Surrey. I don’t think that this is correct/true as there are no records. He may have been covering something up - assumptions have been made that he was born in Jamaica. However, again there is no proof or document that I have found. There are also theories that he was an illegitimate Rothchild.

Moss was a gentleman residing at 4 Paradise Rowe in Chelsea, he was a stockbroker and a silversmith until he made a bad investment which lead him on to lose everything.

Moss ended up in the workhouse, his 3rd wife many years his junior became a prostitute (there are documents). He died in the Richmond workhouse, buried in an unmarked grave.

I know a lot about his life after he met Anne, wife number 3. But, I know nothing about his life before or where his parents were from. 

I have taken several DNA tests which confirm I’m of Ashkenazi decent. But, this still doesn’t prove who Moss really was, or even, whether that was his actual name.

I am appealing for help from anyone. 

Kind regards
Alice Crawford