What Happened to Leopold Hoschander? A Mystery #poland

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Can anybody help me figure out what happened to my great-uncle Leopold Hoschander?

According to his US Naturalisation application, he was born in Poland on 22.04.1885 in Huta Baranowa (not far from Lublin). He and his wife Auguste emigrated to the US in February 1939. I think that some years later they moved to Switzerland, mainly because Auguste died in Bern in 1983.

The SSDI records his death in Moroni, Comoros in November 1971. This is the mystery - especially because we have no idea of where he was buried - what was an elderly, retired, Jewish salesman doing in the Comoros Islands? Did he die at sea, and this was the nearest land? It seems unlikely that he was on holiday there, although I suppose it's possible. I just don't know where to start.

Any suggestions regarding how to find his burial place are gratefully received. And also any other ideas re how to follow up on this.

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AJ Friedlander.

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Hello AJ - Ancestry has an obituary for him under Newspapers.com but I am not a paid member. You may want to join Tracing the Tribe on Facebook and ask someone there.

Good luck

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The only obit I found mentioning Leopold Horschander was one for his sister, Sali Friedlander in 1965.  Sali died in Appleton, Wisconsin and mentioned that her brother, Leopold lived in Austria.  Often listings for obits are surviving relatives.  A simple search for Leopold places him back and forth between the US and Europe in naturalization records.            
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AJ - 

You wrote, "The SSDI records his death in Moroni, Comoros in November 1971."  The SSDI does not list the place of death.

Looking at the SSDI on Ancestry.com, I see that his last residence is given as Moroni, Comoros. However, looking at the SSDI on familysearch.org, it gives his residence place as Europe.

Of course, this all only adds to the confusion over where he died.
Miriam Alexander Baker


Did he have any children?

Shosh Eizenshtein 

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He had a daughter, Margot, but she died in Amsterdam in 1945. No other known children. I have found one living person in the next generation, a niece, now in Israel and turning 90 in a couple of weeks. I hope to ask them what they can remember.
AJ Friedlander.