Amazing Students Translate Yizkor Book -- ADDITIONAL UNIVERSITY SOUGHT FOR PROGRAM #yizkorbooks #translation

Laurence Broun

As a Yizkor Book Project Coordinator, before committing the Yizkor Book of Mizoch to the typical process of hiring professional translators, I reached out to the Hebrew language program at George Washington University to explore the possibility of working with students to tackle translation of these emotion-charged essays. The results has been nothing less than amazing. Since then, the Yiddish-language program at the University of Texas at Austin has also joined the effort. I seek to expand this program by including additional university programs and would appreciate any assistance you might provide if you have contacts with university-level Hebrew-language programs.


The enthusiasm I have found from the student translators is truly inspiring. It is  amazing to see their passion to delve into this material and gain understanding of daily life, survival and the demise of our lost communities. With their translations, the students reach back to understand their own roots as well as preserve this history of the shtetl for the English-speaking world. Guided by their professors, they have added footnotes and references to explain references that would not be understood by most modern readers, preserving and giving context the materials.


The greatest value of this approach, I am convinced, is passing the torch for preservation of our history and Shoah remembrance to the next generation. As such, I seek to expand the program by soliciting the participation of addition universities in the effort. The students work on translations during the academic year, typically for credit in an independent study course. In addition, we have established a summer intern program for students who have successfully completed translations.


If you are affiliated with or can reach out to university-level Hebrew or Yiddish language program to expand this program, I would appreciate hearing from you. Student translations to date are posted at . 

Larry (Itzik Leib) Broun
Washington, DC | USA
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