Trying to get information on the wife and family of Elchanan Livenberg or Levenberg, lived on Chasan Sofer 17, Bnei Brak, Israel. #hungary #romania #israel #names

michele shari

Hi all,
I have a handwritten note that Elchanan Livenberg's wife was a first cousin to my grandmother, Etel (Elsie) Stauber (married name Farkas). I don't have her first name or if her last name was the same as my grandmother's, Stauber (also spelled Stober or Stojber, or in Israel, Shtauber). My grandmother passed away years ago but I found this note recently. She kept in touch after the war when they went to Israel and she was sent here before the war. I have pictures of the Livenberg family, they had twins, a boy and a girl and Mrs. Livenberg would send my grandmother notes and pictures. I would love to find them and be in touch or just know her name. My grandmother's family lived in Viseu de Jos (Also Visso) and the surrounding towns.

Thanks for all hints and help!
Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, FL (formerly NY)
researching: Farkas, Jakab, Weiszhauz, Weiszhaus, Taussig in Tasnad, Carei, Marghitta and surrounding areas
and Stauber, Stojber, Stamber (and other spellings), Ganz, Herstig, Hershtik, Teszler, Davidovici, Fishman (Dragomisteri) and Mallek, Malek, in Also visso (Viseu de Jos) and surrounding towns.

Walla Walla

Elhanan Levenberg's son lives in Jerusalem and his daughter lives in Bnei Brak. I do not know how to contact and provide an address and telephone numbers in a personal message, so I answer here in the forum
According to Bezeq 144 Mordechai Shlomo Levenberg, the male of the twins
I can move more details I have no how