Seeking information of my late Mother’s real family #poland

Marilyne Rose

My mother was in the Jewish Orphanage in Pinsk, Poland between 1920 and 1924. I am trying to find her
real family name.  Her first names were SORAH BASHA,  but I don’t know her real family name.
I believe her details are in the archives relating to the children who were in the Pinsk Jewish Orphanage ,
and these archives are stored in Brest or Minsk.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
MARILYNE ROSE, istanlyrose@...

Sherri Bobish


A Google search of Pinsk Jewish Orphanage finds this book:
The Pinsker Orphans: The life and times of the children from the three Pinsk Jewish Orphanages in the 1920s
by David Solly Sandler

Perhaps this book may have some information helpful for your search.

The author has many letters from children in the orphanages of Pinsk, and photos.  Names of children are at:

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish