Laxenburg, Austria Concentration Camp #hungary #holocaust

Judith Shamian

I recently learned that my family were sent to Laxenburg, Austria concentration camp.  Tried to find info but with out success.  I am looking for information/references about this concentration camp that seemed to house Hungarian families including children


I did a Google search in German and then used Google Translate to find the following.  It may be relevant that the Palace that is mentioned now houses the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.:

Between 1942 and 1945 there were numerous camps on Viennese soil. On the one hand, these were camps for forced laborers and , on the other hand, assembly camps for Jews intended for deportation . In addition, the were at the end of World War II, also a refugee camp set up.

In the people’s court act by Dr. Siegfried Seidl has a list of a Jewish doctor who presented it as a witness in the trial against Seidl in 1946. [1] These are camps of Hungarian-Jewish forced laborers in districts 10 to 25 and outside Vienna as well as the companies to which the camps were assigned.

In 24. , Laxenburg (1938-1954 as part of the 24th Mödling district of Greater Vienna ), according to this list, there was a camp "Der Reichsstatthalter in Vienna Habtlg. J. IX. Sennhofergasse 35." The 332 Hungarian-Jewish forced laborers (132 men, 167 women and 33 children), of whom 215 were initially classified as "fit for work", were housed in the Blauer Hof (New Palace). They were used for agricultural work at the "OB Laxenburg" as well as construction and other work at the companies "Kontropa", "Karl Kuhlermann" and "CORONA-Kaffeefabrik".

There were two other camps on the site, a penal and sick camp and a collection camp for Hungarian Jews for onward transport to concentration camps .

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