STEIN or STERN? #yiddish #germany #names

Ralph Baer

In 2016, I posted the attached list on ViewMate as #48010.  
I am now asking about the last name on the list. Almost all of the responders, including personal responses, said it was Koppel STEIN. One said STERN.
As I wrote at the time and in the description, the fourth line consists of Jewish forms of the names of my 3rd-great-grandparents (Marx Nathan BÄR and Schönle Moses) on my paternal line and the fifth is Marx’s brother (Abraham) and the brother’s wife (Brendel). The rest I could not identify, but I thought there must be some connection to me. 
I recently determined that Marx and Abraham apparently had an older half-brother (same mother) Joseph Isaak STERN. Two of his sons were Isaak Joseph STERN and Jacob Joseph STERN. Each was married to a woman named Regina. The second and third lines which appear to read “Itzig, Rechle” and “Yaakov, Rechel” could be them.
I am now wondering about the last name which seems to be Koppel STEIN. Could this be another Jacob STERN? Does anyone have an opinion? Further interpretations of the other names are also appreciated.
I do realize that ViewMate posts can be revived, but I do not want to do so at this time.
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