Peresmyk #belarus #usa #russia

Marcia Segal


I'm helping a family friend trying to trace her grandfather, whose name (in the US) was Reuben Greenwald (b. ca. 1886, d. 1943, in Philadelphia, PA). The family story is that he "purchased" a surname to avoid the authorities and emigrate to the US. He arrived in 1889 or 1890, depending on the census record consulted. The original family name was said to be Peresmyk. I've found a record in the Belarus Revision Lists; something called NHAB Grodno. I can send an image of the page to whomever is interested.

The goal is to trace the family back to the home village, or at least the region, if possible. Reuben Greenwald was the son of David Peresmyk.

I'd be interested if anyone has come across the name, let alone have leads on how to continue the search. Many thanks.

Em Segal