Canadian Jewish News To Rebrand as a Digital Publication #announcements #canada

Jan Meisels Allen



In April 2020, The Canadian Jewish News shut down. It started up again last year with a “trickle of content”.  It had previously shut down in 2013, but due to community support restarted operations within a year. Now the publication is undergoing a full-scale revamp with the same editor-in-chief.  It is prioritizing digital content, including email newsletters and a suite of podcasts, and dramatically scaling back its print edition from weekly to four times a year.


A new digital membership program will replace print subscribers.


Articles on the website will skew to a younger audience, with the goal of establishing intergenerational dialogue among the country’s 400,000 Jews.


Previously the staff was 40 in 2013, 16 at time of closure in 2020 and now it has seven full-time staffers including several in a newly created podcast department.


Its website is”  There is a place to subscribe for free if you scroll down the page.


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Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee