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June Genis

Here is the result of a search I made on Jewishgen. What is the
meaning of n the "index number" (3rd column)? Can it be used to obtain
more detailed information?

OKUN 1888 198 Itska

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Russ Maurer

Hi June,

I am replying to the group because some tips here may be of general interest.

I reproduced your search and found that this record came from the Mogilev Birth Index for Boys 1864-1894 Database. If you click on the name of the database in the results display, you will get a description of the database ( All databases in JewishGen have similar description pages. In this case, the description page is very helpful. It answers your question about the index number (it is the same as the number of the original birth record) and even points you to the film number where the original record can be found (in your case, film 1920801, image 44; this link should take you straight to it Here is an image of the Russian side of the birth record - the facing page has the same birth recorded in Hebrew or Yiddish

It says that the baby was a boy named Itska (family surname OKUN). His father and grandfather were also named Itska. The mother's name was Sora, daughter of Vulf. The birth was on 30 Jun (1888) / 4 Av, and the bris was 7 Jul / 11 Av.

Russ Maurer

Joel Novis <joel.novis@...>

Two minor additional pieces of information:

The name "Ratner" (РАТНЕРЪ) in the second column from the left is generally the surname of the mohel who performed the circumcision;
the younger Itsko Itskovich Okun's mother's name was Sora-Bliuma

Of no specific importance is the fact that Okun (ОКУНЬ) is a species of fish, a perch or rockfish.

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June Genis

June Genis, 650--851-5224
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Researching: GENIS, OKUN, SUSMAN, ETTINGER, KESSLER/CHESLER (Russian/Polish Empires)

Thanks, Russ. Actually I was hoping that Itska was the father's name as I was actually looking for someone named Yaacov Okun born in 1888 whose father was Itzhak/Abraham.  I am somewhat confused by the fact that all three generations had the same name.  I thought that children were not named after someone still living. Could the grandfather and father have both died  before their sons were born? 

What I am really trying to find is the common ancestor of both Itzhak/Abraham and my great grandfather identified in a single US document as just Abraham Okun.  The connection is clearly established by DNA. Unfortunately the only birth dates I currently have to work with are Yaacov (Jan 18, 1881) and my Abraham (abt 1874). I know that Itzhak/Abraham and Abraham were not the same person (as the DNA suggests) so am guessing that they were first cousins who were both named after their grandfather.  Any searching suggestions greatly appreciated.



Important to remember that the Russian Empire used the Julian Calendar. A useful site that converts is

For this birth record, the baby Yitzchak born to Yitzchak son of Yitzchak Okun was born on Thursday June 30, 1888 Julian Calendar, which equates to July 12, 1888 in our current Gregorian Calendar. This was on the 4th day of the Jewish Month of Av, 5648 years since Creation. Eight days later his Bris was on Thursday July 7, 1888 Julian Calendar = to July 12, 1888 Gregorian Calendar. This was on the 11th day of the Jewish Month of Av, 5648. For the family this was indeed a joyous occasion as the 11th day of Av was three days after the 9th Day of Av the traditional Day of Fasting and Mourning over the Destruction of the 1st & 2nd Beit Hamikdosh (Holy Temple) in Jerusalem. (586 BCE & 70 CE).

The maternal grandfather's name Wolf is a Yiddish derivative of the Hebrew Name Zev which means wolf.

I did a search for Itzchak Okun in Mogilev in the Database and found the death record of what may be the baby's father.

OKUN', Itska / Itskhak son of Itska / son of Itskhak died age 38 of Consumption on 17/2/1888 (Julian Calendar) =  (17th of Adar, 5648 Jewish date) in Mogilev Death Rec M33

Microfilm FHL1920802/2, Frame 00333, Image 218, Source NHABMinsk/3362/3/2

Sad for the baby's mother her husband died almost five months before her son was born.


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