Seeking information about the Comunisteanu and Userovici families- Dorohoi #romania


Shalom all, Shannah Tova!
I'm looking for information about my father's maternal family from Dorohoi- the Userovici family.
My Great Grandmother Yeti Comunisteanu was the daughter of PIncu and Malca Userevici. She was born around 1898 and they lived in Jajia Street, Dorohoi. She married Aharon Comunistianu from Herlau and lived there before she made Aliya to Israel after the Holocaust. We don't know much about the families, so we'll highly appreciate any information about the Userovici and the Comunisteanu families.
Thank you and Shannah Tova,
Sharon Cop
New York, USA

Janet Furba

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Hi, ask the archive of the Botoșani County.
Janet Furba,