Holocaust- Require Holocaust Speaker on Italian Experience for New Jersey school districts and also help finding out the missing names of our family's children who perished in the Holocaust #belarus #holocaust

Sherry Meyer

Hi, As a member of Jewish Gen, I have become more aware of the losses our family sustained during the Holocaust. Below, I share a request from a friend, leader and community member concerning an upcoming Holocaust education need. I also share my search to name those perished children of the sister of my gr grandfather Jacob Edelman/Eidelman, Perla

Education around the Holocaust remains important. Gilda Rorro has so far been unable to secure an appropriate Speaker. She requested me help her identify a Holocaust survivor who could speak for 3-5 minutes on a video about the role of Italians saving Jewish lives during WWII, in Italy. The 15-minute video will be developed in conjunction with the New Jersey Office of Holocaust/Genocide Education, in the Department of Education.


The video will be disseminated to all New Jersey school districts in January, for the “Day of Remembrance.” If you know of someone who could fit this bill or an organization to help her, please do let me know.

On another note, I have made it a personal goal to try to identify the names of 6 siblings who died in the Holocaust and whose names are lost to family memory. The names of the parents and the 3 surviving siblings are known, but I have hit a dead-end in my search for these names. The parents were married in Belarus and their marriage document was found on Jewish Gen. If anyone would be willing to take another look at this to help me in this quest, please let me know. The father was named Noson-Leiba Gochman and the mother Perla Leie Eidelman from Brest Litovsk. Surviving children were Frieda, Chaim and Rose. The father might have taken the mother's surname, as the children may have, too. Some relations later went by Ochman.


Thanks for considering how to Gilda in her quest for an appropriate speaker and my quest to find these names.

Sherry Meyer