Meanings of Polish Last Names -- Webinar #poland #names


I thought you might be interested in this  webinar on your topic:

IGRA is pleased to announce that it is renewing its activities in the Gush Dan area, with a series of 9 lectures to be held on the first Tuesday of each month at the Beit Shazar Community Center, ground floor, 30 Yavne’eli Street, Givatayim.  The location is wheelchair accessible.  Entrance is in strict compliance with the Tav Yarok regulations including bringing a certificate, and a mask must be worn at all times. Space is limited. Advance registration is required - send email to: billie@...

The season’s inaugural lecture, "Family Surnames – What do they Mean?" will be presented in Hebrew on 5 October 2021/29 Tishrei 5782 at 7 pm by Aviad Ben Izhak.
A fascinating and humorous lecture will shed light on the subject, answer these questions and many others:
  • What do you know about your surname? Are you sure? Perhaps what you know is "not so accurate"
  • the lecture will shed light on the subject and reveal:
  • How long have surnames exist?
  • How were they given? 
  • What characterizes them?
  • What changes have the last names undergone and when?  
About the lecturer:
Aviad Ben Yitzhak (Lt. Col. in the Reserves) is a former commander of the Computer School ("MAMRAM") in the IDF.  He is an expert in the construction of pedigree trees and locating family roots. He has extensive and varied experience in building pedigree trees that include thousands of people. Aviad studied surnames through many dozens of family histories.  Aviad is an experienced and well-established lecturer who knows the field through and through. He lectures informally, clearly and humorously.

Maryellen Tobiasiewicz
family from: Bielsko-Biala powiat Poland
Gorlice powiat Poland
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