Sephardic DNA #dna #sephardic

Jill Whitehead

Hi Linda

I have 12.5% Sephardic ancestry, and this may come from more than one source.  It could come from one of my ancestors I have traced to Amsterdam (I have no member on that side of the family who will test), or it could come from one of my Levite ancestors who are said to originate in Spain. I match a number of Sephardi origin families on FTDNA, but they are so far away in time to the common ancestor that any comparison is meaningless. Small segments are notoriously unreliable. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Linda Kelley

MyHeritage DNA says I am 9.2% Sephardic. If you have mostly Sephardic DNA, and you are in GEDmatch, please contact me privately with your kit number. Our total shared DNA will be very small, but we can force comparisons and try to identify shared segments.
Thank you very much!!
Linda Wolfe Kelley, Portland, OR, USA