Franco-Prussian War Records #germany #france


There are literally thousands of websites about German military history, records, personnel, organization, genealogy, archives, uniforms, medals, equipment, and biographies. That's not counting physical materials such as books, references, encyclopedias, directories, dictionaries, journals, articles, bibliographies, symposium proceedings, and biographies. A good reference librarian can help.

Don't dismiss non-Jewish genealogy groups and their sites. FEETHS should be high on your list. example:

Did you look on Cyndi's List? That's always a good starting point for locating online genealogical related resources by category.

Pat Weinthal
Boston, MA USA

Michael Rubin

Is anyone familiar with how to locate records of German soldiers from the Franco-Prussian War (aka. Franco-German War, War of 1870) or any records whatsoever about particular regiments within the German army? 
I have a family birth record from 1871 from a village in the Nassau area of Hessen which indicates the following:
"Der Vater des Kindes ist zur Zeit in Frankreich als Fusilier des XI. Armeecorps 21. Division 42 Brigade 2 nassauisches Infanterie-Regiment Numero 88, 10 Compagnie"

"The child's father is currently in France as a Fusilier of the XI. Army Corps 21st Division 42 Brigade 2 Nassau Infantry Regiment Number 88, 10 Company

Thanks for your ideas and input.
Michael Rubin
Boston, MA  USA