Finding a PDF version of Heppner/Herzberg 1914 book on Posen #germany

AJ <the_ravaj@...>

Might anyone be able to direct me towards a downloadable pdf of the Heppner/Herzberg book "Aus Vergangenheit und Gegenwart der Juden in Posen; nach gedrucken und ungedruckten Quellen" from 1914? I already have the linkĀ, but it keeps crashing my computer. And I cannot use the .djvu files because my computer can't read them (even though I have downloaded the correct app).

So if there is a link, & it is shareable. I would be most grateful for the information.

Chag sameach
AJ Friedlander
Modena, Italy

PHILIPP family of Recklinghausen

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Maybe, if you are able to download the document (the download symbol in the left upper part of the frame of the link in your original post), you will get a zip-file on your computer. Create a new directory and extract all the files from the zip-file to this directory. Then open the file "directory.djvu" in your DjView-reader (for example DjVuLibre DjView). This worked for me.

Kind regards,
Rolf Cohn
Oslo, Norway

Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz

Try this link (Judaica of the library of the Goethe University Frankfurt). This works easierĀ

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Ruth Leiserowitz
Berlin / Warsaw