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When I look at my grandfathers family tree, it appears that when born he was named Levi Itzchak Zalmanson. In the all Lithuania revision list it it is given as Leyvik Zalmanson (assuming) I have the correct person. Is that an accept format.

I know that Srol is used for Israel, is Srul also considered the same.


Herman Salmenson

Shimona Kushner

Dear Herman, though it is impossible to know for sure if it is the same person without more definite information, the name Leyvik is a dimunitive form of Levi.  It is very accepted.  As for Srol it is the same.  Remember that people were writing down what they heard.  It is definitely just like Srul--dimunitive of Yisroel/Israel.

Shimona Kushner, Haifa, Israel