Holocaust Denial - a Polish movie aimed at denying the Jedwabne massacre #holocaust

Frank Szmulowicz

A colleague from Poland sent me the news of a new anti-Jewish movie that has been screened on September 15: 


"Powrót do Jedwabnego" (A Return to Jedwabne) by director  Wojciech Sumliński aims to deny the facts of the Jedwabne  pogrom in which 300 Jews were herded into a barn and burned there. 

See also the books:

Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland

A landmark book that changed the story of Poland’s role in the Holocaust

and the more recent

The Towns of Death

Pogroms Against Jews by Their Neighbors


The Towns of Death relies on witness reports from survivors, bystanders, and the murderers themselves as found in court testimonies to describe the pogroms of Jews in Eastern Poland in 1941–1942 perpetrated by their Polish neighbors. The author demonstrates the pivotal role of the Catholic clergy and individual priests, the intellectual classes, and political circles in perpetuating anti-Semitism, often leading to the murder of thousands of Polish Jews. 

Frank Szmulowicz


From the linked article, or at least from the Goolge translation of it, which is the nearest thing to it that I can read. I cannot gather what the purport of the film is. However, an article in (very imperfect) English about the book Powrot do Jedwabnego by Wojciech Sumlinski makes clear what Smulinki's position is. He is advancing the claim that the Jedwabne massacre was perpetrated by Germans and that Jewish organizations are conspiring to pin blame on Poles so that they can exact reparation payments from them. Here is an excerpt:

The Banned Book That Many Jews Are Afraid Of: Holocaust Industry Terezin Tentacles, and The Jedwabne Lie is Unravelling: Bullet Casings Under Lenin Statue Prove German Guilt
Author Sumlinski had a fascinating discussion with Jerzy Kwasniewski, the President of Ordo Iuris (pp. 282-297). The discussion pointed out that international law can be “made up” arbitrarily, to be applied ex post facto, and to trump pre-existing national laws. The Nuremberg Trials are a classic example. The German defendants had not broken any German laws. Instead, they were charged in accordance with newly-minted international law, which trumped German law, and which furthermore was applied retroactively to their acts. (p. 286).

Enter the Holocaust Industry. To the extent that “Jews are owed” (or, more accurately, “the Holocaust Industry is owed”) positions become enshrined in international law, this can be forced on the nations, especially Poland. All the pre-existing national laws, for example those governing heirless property and the Agreement of 1960, no longer matter, because they are now trumped by this new international law.

The Terezin Declaration, having won at least the tacit approval of many nations, has elevated Jewish-centered “property restitution” claims to at least the level of international expectation, if not yet exactly international law. (p. 294). Furthermore, the U. S. government added weight to all this through Act S. 447. (p. 289). Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, merely by being physically present as Poland’s representative at Terezin, added credence to its claims against Poland. (pp. 290-291). It does not matter that he did not agree to any property restitution claims!


Throughout this book, Sumlinski shows an excellent grasp of Polish-Jewish relations. He is quite familiar with Art Spiegelman’s Poles-are-Pigs in MAUS. (p. 48). He realizes that some Jews want to monopolize Jewish suffering (e. g, p. 40, 68). Truth does not matter.

And so nauseatingly on.
Miles Rind
Cambridge, Mass.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I looked at both websites. This is just another in a series of actions to deny and hide the anti-Semitic massacres, abuse, and property seizures that occurred in Poland with Polish complicity during WW2.

At a time when so many stressful events are competing for attention, it is hard to focus on any one. I've discussed this with others. If you use social media, here is a response that isn't difficult or time-consuming to do.

The movie was uploaded to YouTube. In a span of 4 days, "Powrót do Jedwabnego" by director Wojciech Sumliński has been viewed over 250,000 times with thousands of Likes. It also appears on Facebook.

If you have an account on Youtube, look up links to the movie, give it a 'thumbs down' rating and Flag it for violating the Terms of Service.

If you have an account on Facebook, search for the film and Report the Video. I reported it twice: first for False information > Social Issue, then again for Hate Speech > Religious Affiliation.

Posts that deny or distort the Holocaust are now prohibited on Facebook and YouTube. There still is a lot of ant-Semitic content on these sites, but if you don't push back there will be a lot more.

Share news about the movie and this suggestion to your email lists, friends, temple, etc. It's deadly to turn a blind eye to this. Revisionist history goes hand in glove with authoritarian regimes.

Pat Weinthal
Boston, Mass., USA

David Cherson

 >Revisionist history goes hand in glove with authoritarian regimes.
Yes it forms part of the "legal basis" for their government.  I wish some action, more than words, could be taken against Poland and Hungary.

David Cherson