ViewMate Translation request - 1834 Russian Revision List from Polonnoye #ukraine #translation

Emily Garber

I've posted a Russian revision list entry for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

This is an entry from the male side of the 1834 Polonnoye Revision List for the Evel Ire Uchinik household in Polonnoye (thanks to Alex Krakovsky for putting this revision list online!). I am particularly interested in what happened to Evel Ire's 1st nephew, Leiba Dibrisker, in 1833. Death (umer) is noted for Evel Ire and all the other nephews. The word in Leiba's entry is different and unknown. If anyone can decipher it I would be much obliged!

As a result of help from volunteers on the Genealogical Translation FaceBook page, I believe the revision list entry is:

Evel Ire Uchinik , age 30 [previous census), died in 1823
Son Leibish Itsko, age 14 - age 32 [this census]
Mordko, son of Leibish Itsko and Eta, age 6 [this census]
Nephews of Evel Ire Uchinik:
1st - Leiba, son of Yankel, Dibrisker, age 42, ??? in 1833
2nd - Shlioma Yankel, son of Berko, Furman, age 36, died in 1826
3rd - Srul, son of Berko, Lapman, age 60, died in 1823
4th Lemel, son of Moshko, Spektor, age 40, died in 1823

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Thank you very much.
Emily Garber
Phoenix, AZ