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Seymour Samuels

Received the following from US Citizenship and Immigration Service. Note time lags for requests and links resources that USCIS has.

It is our goal to complete all requests within 90 days of receipt. Nevertheless, due to an increased volume of requests the current processing times are as follows:

The USCIS Genealogy Program processes Form G-1041, Index Search Requests, and Form G-1041A, Genealogy Record Requests.

Current Average Processing Time for Form G-1041, Index Search Requests

                     178 business days

Current Average Processing Time for Form G-1041A, Genealogy Record Requests

                     180 business days

Status information is updated on a monthly basis

Checking your Genealogy Request Case Status

USCIS Genealogy Program only accepts status order inquiries by emailGenealogy.USCIS@....
You can also monitor your request status through our Genealogy Request Case Status Inquiry webpage at .

Which records can I receive?

If you would like to see a preview of the records you can receive please visit our Image Galleries:

• Alien Files A-File Image Gallery                                                          • Registry Files
• Alien Registration Forms (AR-2) Image Gallery                          • Visa Files
• Naturalization Certificates (C-File) Image Gallery

Genealogy Program Updates

USCIS increased most filing fees on December 23, 2016.  Forms postmarked or filed on or after that due date must include the fees or we will not accept them.  The new fee for Form G-1041, Genealogy Index Search Request, and Form G-1041A, Genealogy Records Request, will be $65. 

Our agency is funded almost entirely by fees.  By law, we conduct a fee review every 2 years to ensure that we recover the full cost of processing immigration benefits. 

If you have any questions, email us at Genealogy.USCIS@....

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Advancing your Historical Research

USCIS Historical Research Branch offers several webinars designed for beginning and advanced researchers. Webinars are an easy and free way to learn about our history, library, and genealogy programs and services.
Our webinars cover:
• History Library Catalog and Services                            • Guide to I&N History Research
• Genealogy Program Introduction                                   • For more information please visit our Webinar page




Contact Us

If you have a question about our programs and services, please check our Frequent Asked Questions:
• General Genealogy Program FAQs                                   • Record Request FAQs
• Searching the Index FAQs                                                     • Case Status FAQs

If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQ sections and you need to communicate with one of our specialists, please email us at  Genealogy.USCIS@....

Thank you for contacting the USCIS Genealogy Program.


Seymour (Sam) Samuels, III

Gainesville, Virginia, USA

e-mail: linsam2@...

Search Interests (Name – other information):

Samuels – Channel Islands (UK); Germany; Poland; Tennessee

Rosenfeld – Germany; District of Columbia; Virginia, Atlanta, GA, USA; Confederate Soldiers; Union Soldiers

Berg – Coblenz (or Koblenz), Germany; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Bobrow – Russia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Denver, Colorado, USA

Wofsy – Daugavpils, Latvia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Haas – Germany (along Rhine River near Worms); Ohio, USA; Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Schoen – Germany (Furth (near Nuremberg) and Berlin); Ohio, USA; Atlanta, Georgia

Wenar – Prague; Vienna, Austria; Bernam, Texas, USA; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA