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Steven Turner

Erev Sukkot 1941 the Nazis planned a test aktion in Nadworna. Today is the Yahrzeit.

The first Aktion took place on 10.6.1941. The Germans and the members of the Ukrainian police burst into the homes of the Jews and started to assemble them in the square near the church. On the way [there] many of those who refused to go were killed and also those who tried to escape. The Ukrainian population was very active in chasing the Jews down and in their return [to the Germans]. In the afternoon trucks arrived and the Jews were transported to the Bukowinka forest. There they were killed and thrown into ditches. During the killing many of them were being beaten cruelly, and especially, both the Nazis and their helpers, taunted [translator's note: physically abused through pushing, shoving, beating, etc.] the old, the women, the children and the handicapped. Some of the Jews were buried alive. More than 2000 of the Nadwórna Jews were killed in this Aktion and also Jews from the surrounding villages. Among the killed there were also the refugees from Carpatoros.

After a few days the Jews of Nadwórna got permission from the German authorities to cover up the ditches in Bukovinka because the corpses of the killed were thrown around on the ground. The place was fenced in by the surviving members of the community, and even a public kaddish was said over the dead. The apartments of those killed were confiscated and the property was taken out of them and partially was given to the Germans and the remainder was looted by the local population. Now in those apartments lived the members of the German government and Ukrainian families. After the Aktion, the remaining members of the Jewish community wanted to get work permits for the places of work essential for the German industry. 600 Jews worked daily in a sawmill and the young Jews were kidnapped in the autumn of 1941 in order to work in work camps in the area.

This was the first mass shooting in Galicia and a test aktion for the Nazis to see how the townspeople would react to their neighbors being murdered and how psychologically the shooters would handle it. Sadly for our people none of this turned out to be a problem and we all know how many more massacres there were to follow.
Today we remember these sacred martyrs of Nadworna. Attached is a picture from our group trip in 2018 of a Soviet era memorial at the site.
Chag Sukkot Sameach,
Steven Turner
President, Gesher Galicia