Report of Eye Witness to 1941 Erev Sukkot Nadworna Massacre #poland #galicia #ukraine #holocaust

Steven Turner

It is a truly gruesome, horrible and unimaginable event.
My brother Jules and my father (Beryl <Knoll> Weinsieder), a resident of Maidon Gorney, a nearby shetl -  was a Jewish 
laborer at the Foresta Lumber Yard directly adjacent to the Bukowinka Forest murder site. He and the other Jews working there witnessed their friends and family members being unloaded from the trucks where they had been forced to lay down, packed in, side by side with several rows of Jews on top of them - stacked like firewood one on top of the other. 
They were taken into the forest to an abandoned ammunition trench from WW1, where they were forced to undress and were made to go onto planks spanning the open pit where they were shot to death. Snarling German Shepherd attack guards also assisting.  Our father had climbed a high stack of logs in the lumber yard, looking down onto and witnessing the massacre.  He saw at least  20 of his cousins, aunts and uncles from Nadvorna being murdered. The shootings went on for hours - and then suddenly stopped. We later learned, in researching this Aktion, that is was  because the Germans ran out of bullets. The survivors living long enough to experience internment in the ghetto, further deprivations and subsequent deportations.  
Lily Bink is our cousin. Her dad also worked at the lumber yard - but I am not sure if he was there at that time or later.
Kind regards,
Richard Weinsieder

Thank you, Richard, for sharing your father’s vivid and horrific memory of that day - I imagine it was seared into his mind forever. My father, Abe Winiger, did also work at the same Foresta Lumber Yard, but never spoke of that tragic day. He and my mom, Mina Winiger, also lost siblings, cousins and countless relatives in that Aktion. Whether Abe was not at the sawmill that day, or chose not to speak of it, I will never know. 

Lily Bink

Frank Schulaner

And the famous Big Bang Theory episode when the Polish American girl exclaims, "Our families [back in Poland] could've been neighbors" -- and only Mayim Bialik's character sees the sad irony there ("I'll explain later").

Frank Schulaner, Kealakekua HI