Is there a commemoration of the Rumbula Massacre? #latvia #holocaust


Does anyone  know if there is a special commemoration for the 80 th anniversary of the Rumbula massacre on Nov 30 and December 8 in Riga I would loke to participate. Likewise does anybody knows about the film which is being made on the subject.
Best regards
Catherine JUROVSKY

Todd Cohn

Riga - Nov. 30:  Jewish community commemoration at Rumbula.  Community Website.
Riga - TBD: There is also an event at which hundreds of candles are placed at the Freedom Monument, often on an adjacent date to the above. 
Israel - Virtual - Dec. 8 :  The Association of Latvian and Estonian Jews will have a virtual  commemoration this year, on YouTube 
New York -  Dec. 5: Jewish Survivors of Latvia annual program at 12 noon. Contact Ivar Brod <ivarbronya@...) .
Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York - Dec. 7, 2:00 pm NY time - Virtual (might also be in person):   Program on Rumbula's Echo and Rumbula in conjunction with the Boris Lurie art exhibition
The website for the documentary is   Its Facebook page is . A complete rough-cut (draft) of the documentary will be done late this autumn, and it is slated for completion in 2022. 

-Todd Cohn