Dwartz/Dvorts/Dworets, etc #latvia #lithuania


I am trying to connect this line of Dwartz, etc to my family tree. I have many DNA matches to various folks, but cannot seem to connect them to me (yet). The patriarch of this line is Shaya/Sheir Dwartz, married to Chana (unknown maiden name), born about 1822 in Uzpaliai, Lithuania. I cannot seem to find any records further back from this. I feel like Chana could be the connection, but how do I find her maiden name? DNA matches are on my mother's side. Nothing for her in JewishGen records. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Donna Borok Moss
San Rafael, CA
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Searching: Dwartz/Dvortz/Dvorets; Braverman; Mischel; Wolkin; Borok; Novogrudski; Lipschitz; Palevsky