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Good Afternoon Dave,

I am curious where you located an index showing a marriage between Rachel and Joseph H. Hausman.

There is only one record of a marriage for Rachel Simon in Boston in 1886.  I am attaching a copy of the record that indicates she married Charles Pizansky.  The parents names appear on the record.

There is also only one marriage record for Joseph H. Hausman in Boston in 1886.  He married Anna B. Emerson.  Both of these records are accessible for free on and are part of "Massachusetts Marriages, 1841-1915."

I hope that this is helpful.
Paul Moverman
Milford, NH USA

Dave Smith

I believe I have at last located the marriage certificate of my great grandfather & grandmother. It took place in Boston US in 1886. The reason why it could not be found before is that descendants have believed that his name was Hyman Cohen, which he later used on official documents. (His wife was Rachel Simon.)  However, I have found that the entry is indexed correctly under Rachel's name but his name was indexed as forename Joseph H. and surname hausman / hauaman. (In the UK 1911 census he later calls himself Joseph Cohen.) I suspect that this entry in the marriage index may be in part due to language difficulties as he only arrived in the US in 1884 direct from Russia (Poland). Obviously in order to follow this new lead up further I need to know what his actual name was. In the UK apart from the official copy of the marriage as registered at the General Register Office there is a Synagogue copy of the marriage authorisation. Was a similar practice operated in the US at this time? If so, I thought it may be helpful to obtain a copy of this marriage authorisation which would be written in his natural language and be a much more reliable indicator of his name. Can anyone please help me in locating such a document? On the birth certificate of his son, Julius, in 1889 he lists his name as Hyman Cohen (as he does on many later official documents) when the birth occurred at 17 Rochester, Boston which may help if there was more than one Synagogue at the time. Many thanks!
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