Torah scroll the Nazis Stole for their post-Holocaust 'Jewish museum' Returns to Service in Prague #austria-czech #holocaust

Jan Meisels Allen



A Torah scroll that the Nazis stole from a Czech congregation on display at The Memorial Scrolls Trust in London. (Courtesy of the European Union for Progressive Judaism)


A Torah scroll that the Nazis stole from for their planned museum on Judaism in Prague will return to use there later this month.  Memorial Scrolls Trust, a London-based nonprofit that preserves Torah scrolls and other scripture, on Sunday said it will transfer scroll no. 1052, as it is catalogued there, to the use of Ec Chaim, a Progressive Jewish congregation in the Prague.




In 1942, the Nazis seized the scroll, which was written in 1890 in Brno, a city situated about 100 miles southeast of Prague. They had the scroll shipped to the Central Jewish Museum, an institution that they wanted to use to showcase thousands of liturgical objects they had stolen from Jewish communities they pillaged. That museum has become the Jewish Museum of Prague, which is owned by the local Jewish community.

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Jan Meisels Allen

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+Thank you for sharing this with us.  It touched by neshoma today even though I have known about this for many years.  
Ronald Kaplan

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Regarding the history of the Czech scrolls cared for currently by the Memorial Scrolls Trust in London, UK, please see the definitive history by Magda Veselska ( The JTA article is woefully inaccurate, and perpetuates unproven theories about why the scrolls came to Prague and the purpose behind their collection. 
AJ Friedlander