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Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

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Wednesday, Nov. 10th 2 -3pm EST
JewishGen Talks "Researching Jews in America" Webinar Series presents a panel:
Researching Jews in the U.S. Military with experts from The Shapell Foundation, Project Benjamin, and the National Museum of American Jewish Military History

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Ellen Shindelman Kowitt
Director, USA Research Division

Jeff Miller

Thanks to all who replied - I received many good suggestions. Here is an example.

      Here are links to a few resources that may prove useful in doing your research:

      1. Jewish War Veterans Museum in Washington, DC:

      2. National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis:

      3. History Hub Military Record Forum: specifically dealing with Naval Service:

      4. Family Search Guide to Military Records:

      5. Research Guide Article:

      6. Golden Arrow Research Service: see also their articles:

      7. Military Records (need subscription, your public library may have)

Jeff Miller
Researching MLYNARZ/MILLNER/MILLER from Ostroleka Poland; LAN/LANE from Seta Liuthuania; FREIDER/FRAIDER from Kuzmin Ukraine


Try "The National Museum of American Jewish Military History" 

Mon – Fri: 9AM to 5PM
Open Sunday by appointment only for 6 or more people

Walter Spector
Philadelphia PA
SPECTOR- Zaslov (Izyaslov) Volhynia Gub. Ukraine-Woodbine NJ-Phila. PA;
EBY (AB)-  Rushany, Grodno Gub. Belarus-Woodbine NJ- Phila.PA;       
BECKER-  Klevan, Rovno Phila. PA Brooklyn NY:   GREENSTEIN-Boston MA:
SELTZER (ZELTZER)Rovno, Klevan, Alexandria; Poland-Brooklyn NY
PITKOWSKI Rushany, Grodno Gub. STEINBERG –Los Angeles CA  ROTHSTEIN (Rotstein)  Phila. PA;
Rudofsky BostonTry 


Your best shot would be to request his service personnel record from the National Archives, as you stated. That would (potentially) include his entire military record, including postings, ships he served on, decorations and other useful administrative stuff. There was a fire in the archives in 1973 that destroyed many Army, Air Force and Marine veterans' records, but Navy veterans' records were not affected.  If the veteran applied for VA benefits, you may also request a copy of his VA file under the Freedom of Information Act, by calling the VA's call center at 1-800-827-1000.  If he applied for VA benefits, his VA records will most likely contain his service personnel records, as well as medical records and perhaps some personal statements made by him regarding medical issues that relate to his service. These statements may contain important service information, such as places, dates and event descriptions.

Dan Efrat
Cherry Hill, NJ, USA
Researching: Israelit/Israelite (from Novogrudok, Belarus and from Latvia), Rabinowitz (from Dyatlovo/Zhetl, Belarus), Pruss and Koifman/Kaufman (from Ukraine) and Godblat (from Belarus and Lithuania).

Jeff Miller

In researching a Jewish Naval veteran who served for 27 years from WWII thru Vietnam who had many battle ribbons, how best to learn where he served and what battles he was in? 
Is there a Navy archive or Jewish Museum, or other resource besides the obvious requests that can be made through websites such as or

Please send to my e-mail address any recommendation.
Thanks for suggestions and information,

Jeff Miller