A Family Mystery: The Connection between the TYKOCINSKIS of the Lomza area, Poland #poland #general


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A Family Mystery:  The connection between the TYKOCINSKIS of the Lomza area, Poland

I am trying to trace the link between my grandmother, Chaja Szejndla Samolski Grudzinski (k/a Sala Wolf), nee TYKOCINSKA, born about 1884 "near Lomza"  -  and Menucha Grudzinski, nee TYKOCINSKA, born Poland 1872.  From my research they appear to be from different families as my grandmother's father was Lejzor (b. Grajewo in 1856), the son of Beniamin Bejnus;  whereas Menucha's father was Rabbi Meir of Stavisk, who also had 2 sons, both rabbis -  Avraham Itzhak (b. Kolno 1861-1936) and Gedalyahu Hillel (b. ?Bialystok 1867).

For me, the question concerns the eldest son of Menucha, Wolf Majer (son of Rabbi Moshe GRUDZINSKI of Warsaw).  Wolf brought my grandmother, a widow, to Australia, the year after he emigrated in 1925.  They married in Melbourne in 1933 shortly before her son (and my father-to-be), Edward Samolski (25) joined them here.  I'm sure Wolf and his mother must have known Sala and her circumstances - such as being left with a son of 5 in Warsaw after the death of her husband, but I have found few details of her early life.

Wolf must have been close to his mother as he went to see her in Palestine after the War (in 1947).   The Grudzinskis had emigrated there about the same time my grandparents came to Australia.   I lived with Sala and Wolf when I was young and heard he took care of her for the many years they were together in Melbourne.

After Sala died in 1972 he returned to live in Tel Aviv and died there a few years later.

I would be grateful if anyone who knows of the families may have an idea about they are connected.

Elizabeth Suggit, Sydney, Australia

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