Looking for information/records about KLEGON family from "Dobrowice" Poland #poland #canada



I have been researching my great-grandfather Isaac Louis Klegon, and his family.  He came from Poland (born in 1878) around 1902 or 1903 (give or take) to Ottawa, Canada, became a naturalized Canadian citizen and then the family moved to Detroit, MI in 1923.  His papers for application for US Citizen ship, it lists his place of birth as Dobrowice, Poland (or Russia-Poland, depending on the document).

So far I have been unable to find many records of his immigration from Poland to Canada, and am particularly interested in any information what what this town in Poland might be called today, or if there is a different spelling, and if any records might still exist today?

Would be interested if anyone is doing similar research on this town in Poland  from 19th century, and/or of the Jews of Ottawa, Canada in the early 20th century.

Thank you!
Rob Klegon