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Discussion on the members of the Judenrat are always of interest
In the Netherlands there were several Judenrats.In Amsterdam was a Judenrat run by academics.In Enschede the Judenrat was run by local textile merchants.Th judenrat in Amsterdam was warned by Mr Edelstein from the Prague Judenrat and via an intermissionary by Jan Karski.
The actions were quite different. Amsterdam collaborated with the Austrian occupiers ,whereas Enschede started to find hiding places for the fellow Jews as well as measures to try to sustain people in hiding. This of interest to note as the Netherlands has the highest rate of murdered Jews the collaboration of the Dutch government of the destruction of Jews as well as the Amsterdam Judenrat plays a role.
Jacques D. Barth 


Hi Jaques,

You bring up some interesting information which is all new to me (and why I made my posting).  I have heard/read little about the Judenrat in the Netherlands.  For the most part, information I've read has been mainly In Poland, and other Eastern European countries. Thank you for sharing this.
Leah Heilpern Snider
Silverdale, Washington/ USA