1897 All Empire Russian Census #russia

June Genis

Do copies of this exist anywhere? Has it been transcribed or
translated or indexed?

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Arlene Beare

Jewishgen Latvia Database has a large number of entries for the 1897 Census. Some of the Towns have an incomplete census. Go to
https://www.jewishgen.org/databases/Latvia/AllRussia.htm   and see what Towns have been indexed.
Read the Introduction carefully and you will know what the Database contains. The largest collection is Dvinsk now Daugavpils with over 18000 entries.Riga is incomplete with 1912 entries.
Arlene Beare
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You did not specify which part of the former Russian Empire is of interest;  I'd recommend checking the appropriate JewishGen collections as a starting point.  FamilySearch.org has some limited information on specific districts (insofar as I could find from a broad catalog search on "Russia" and "Census - 1897".

For example, for certain districts (uyezdy) in Belarus, please see https://www.jewishgen.org/belarus/lists/intro_1897_russian_census.htm

For the city of Kyiv, scans are available online of the original documents in part of the Krakovskiy collection;  please see https://uk.wikisource.org/wiki/Архів:ДАКО/384/2 -- note that the index is in Ukrainian, while the original source material is in Russian.

This is an incomplete list, I'm certain that other researchers have additional sources.

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Gary Pokrassa

Alex Krakovsky has scanned and posted over 2,800 files for the 1897 census comprising well over 400,000 pages of data from present day Ukraine - the link is https://uk.wikisource.org/wiki/Архів:ДАКО/384

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There is an excellent article about "The 1st National Census of the Russian Empire" by Thomas Edlund in the Fall/Winter 1999 Issue of the FEEFHS Journal (Federation of Eastern European Family History Societies).
The bottom line is that the focus of the census was to collect statistics.  After the statistics were collected, many returns were destroyed, but not all of the returns. Twenty years ago, returns were being found in all sorts of local archives.

When Howard Margol and I worked on the remaining 1897 All Russia Census for Lithuania, we were told that about 10% of the records were preserved for future statistical analysis.  All of those records have been transliterated, indexed, and entered into the Lithuanian databases on JewishGen.  

Previous posters have mentioned work in other areas of the former Russian Empire.  The best thing to do is figure out the likely places that your family came from, then research those places to see what records are available.

Peggy Mosinger Freedman