ViewMate Russian Revision Lists (1816 & 1834) translations, Polonnoye: NIZNIK, UCHINIK, REZNIK, DIBRAFKA, FURMAN, LAPMAN and SPEKTOR #ukraine #translation

Emily Garber


I've posted entries from two Russian Revision lists for the community of Polonnoye, Novograd Volinsky Uyezd, Volhynia Gubernia, for which I need translations. I am interested in the names and relationships. I have been challenged by several of the female names.


The 1816 Revision List has three separate entries for the same household (#155 – the home of Vol Eliovich NIZNIK) are at:

I am particularly interested in the translation and any insights into the relationships between Vol Eliovich Niznik and several people in his household who bear different surnames: Khaz[?], Uchinik, Reznik, Dibrafka, Furman, Lapman, and Spektor. The  Russian word describing their relationship is семья. One person told me that means “family” and that the people in the household were a taxable unit but, perhaps, not actually related. Another person told me that the word indicates the people were neighbors.


The 1834 Revision has members of these same families in separate households.

Household 345 featured Vol[f] Eliovich’s sons Kelman and Leib Niznik and their families.

Household 347 is the home of the descendants of Mikhel Yankelovich Khaz[?], whose surname I could not decipher in 1816 (VM #95378) either.

Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.


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These images were located within collections uploaded by Alex Krakovsky to his Wikimedia page. I am indebted to him for his amazing work. I can provide URLs via email, if needed.

Thank you very much.

Emily Garber

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