The Cohen Family from Rumford/Biddeford Maine #usa #general #lithuania


I am new to this group and looking forward to learning more about the Cohen Family.  I have been doing genealogy research on my family for many years, and I am now shifting my focus to my husband's family.  I am VERY interested in information on the Cohen family who migrated from Lithuania and settled in Rumford, Maine. See family members below:

Brick Wall
Max Cohen born 1853 Russia * died abt 1922 Biddeford, ME?
married to Minnie Leah Kubitzky born 1855  * died 23 MAR 1922

Louis Cohen born 15 JUL 1875 Russia * died  23 MAR 1939 (owned a Bottling Company in Rumford, ME)
married to Bertha Gerrin Zaguresky born 15 JUL 1875  Lithuania * died 28 MAR 1939

Harry Jacobs Cohen born abt. 1897 Russia * died 1947 (Music teacher - Stephens High School, Rumford, ME USA)
married to Minna/Minnie Rose Glickman born 1896 USA Vilna, Lithuania * died 1987 Boston, MA USA

Milton Herman Cohen b. JUN 1918 Rumford, ME USA * d. MAR 1982 Framingham, MA USA
married to Ruth Jacobs  b. MAR 1916 * d. 1986 Boston, MA

Stephen Harry Cohen b. 1951 Boston, MA USA * Living  (my husband)

Please feel free to contact us through JewishGen or contact my husband Steve Cohen directly:
We look forward to discovering more about the Cohen Family any information you can provide would be great.
Thank you!
~Carla & Steve Cohen


CORRECTION - Minna/Minnie Rose Glickman born 1896 Vilna, Lithuania * died 1987 Boston, MA USA
~ Carla Ashton-Cohen