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Guy Chazan

Hi there,
I was wondering if JewishGen members could help me with research I am trying to carry out on a man called Mojzesz Drukarz, who was born in Poland in 1924, survived the Holocaust and emigrated to Palestine after the war, later moving to London, where he died in 1987. 
He was a friend of our family and I am doing research for a book in which I am trying to reconstruct his history. He also went by the name of Moshe, Mosze and Mosche. When he emigrated from Poland he changed his name from Drukarz to Drukash. 
I am trying to find birth records for him, and for the rest of his family, and to find out what happened to his other family members. I believe most of them died in the Holocaust. I would also like to try to find out what he did during the war, if there are any records - he told us he joined a partisan group in the forests. 
We have unearthed various documents which show his date of birth as either 10.5.1924 or 10.5.1926.
He is listed in the US Holocaust Memorial Museum database of Holocaust Survivors and Victims as:
Mojzesz Drukarz, born in 1924. His mother is named as Brucha Birenbaum, his father as Josef. His prewar address is listed as Sliska 27, Warsaw, and his postwar address as Targowa 7, Warsaw. On another card his mother's name is given as Brandla Birenbaum, in yet another as Branda. We believe Brandla/Branda/Brucha was born in c. 1908.
Is there anyone at JewishGen who might be able to help with this?  
best regards, Guy Chazan
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