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Helen Kon

Hello. Where can I find documentation of military service for Jewish WW1 veterans? Specifically, my maternal grandfather, Saul Torten (Grünberg), was born in Podhajce, Galicia. He served in World War One, according to my mother was stationed in Niederösttereich & was wounded. He was left with a body full of shrapnel.  We do not have documentation of his service.
I had tried to look in LDS in NYC decades ago but they wanted a lot of information, such as battalion which I didn't & still don't have.
By 1915 Saul's parents had already resettled in Vienna & Saul went on to pursue higher education, marriage & fatherhood pre- world war II in Vienna.
We have some documentation of these events.
Other than the shrapnel my mom never had much first hand information about her father, as he died after a very trying & circuitous route to NYC when mom was a child.
I thank you for any help that you can offer in finding this documentation.
Helen Kon
New York City, NY


Hi Helen

If he was part of the Austrian Imperial Army, then the first step would be to search through the Verlustlisten (list of fallen, wounded, missing soldiers and POWs) and the "Nachrichten über Verwundete und Kranke" (notices about wounded and sick soldiers) of the Austrian Imperial Army.

You can look at the Verlustlisten on several Websites:

(This index ist still not complete)

Here you will find the Verlustlisten and the "Nachrichten über Verwundete und Kranke"

In both the Verlustlisten and the "Nachrichten über Verwundete und Kranke" the regiments of the listed soldiers are mentionned.
The "Nachrichten über Verwundete und Kranke" also mention the military hospitals where the soldiers were treated.

If he entered the Army in Vienna you should find his Army service records in the Kriegsarchiv in Vienna.
Many records of the Kriegsarchiv of Vienna are also online on familysearch if you search via Catalogue.



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