Identifying ancestral town - current day Ukraine #ukraine

L Levy

HI!  I've been stuck with a brick wall on my Levy family branch for years, and have recently learned that the name they arrived with may have been Levkowitz/Lefkowitz.  I've found a manifest that is quite likely my great grandmother's arrival in Baltimore but the town name doesn't fit with anything I've located previously or anything I can find on JewishGen.
Here's a link to the manifest.  The town appears to be listed as Bapoli.  The father, Leizer, wrote Balta on his declaration of intent, but the completed naturalization has not been found after several USCIS searches and searches in PA, NC and NYC where he lived.  It's possible that he didn't complete the process. He dies in 1938. The second oldest daughter also died prematurely, and doesn't seem to have submitted social security documents, and the naturalization for the oldest daughter states that she was from Brokie.  I've found a likely cousin that came from Bogopol as well.  The constant here is the B!

Laura Levy
Seattle, WA





EISENBERG  Wasylkowce

LEVY Balta, Brokie

Susan Steeble

"The town appears to be listed as Bapoli.  The father, Leizer, wrote Balta on his declaration of intent ..."

The town may be Bohopil (Bogopol in Russian), which was in the former Podolia gubernia and is now in Mykolaiv oblast in Ukraine. That town was written as "Bapolia" in a family tree in my possession, and it is not far from the Balta region.

You may not find Bohopil on current maps because it no longer exists as a separate town; in 1919, it was incorporated into the town of Pervomaisk (Pervomaysk), along with Holta (Golta) and Olviopil (Olviopol), to make up the present city of Pervomaisk, which is on the Buh river and almost due east of Balta. 
Susan Kahan Steeble
Baltimore, MD, USA
Researching: FRIDGANT/FRIEDHAND and variants from Bershad, Ukraine
                      KESSELMAN from Chorna/Okna, Ukraine
                      BUDIANSKY/BUDINOFF and SLUTSKY from Korsun and Zolotonosha, Ukraine
                      KAHANOWITZ/KAGANOVICH from Grodno, Belarus
                      STUCHINSKY from Jurbarkas/Yurburg, Lithuania