ViewMate Translation Requests - Hungarian #translation


I would like to request a translation of the Hungarian on two death records.  They are on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Please respond using the online ViewMate form.

Thank you so much,

Geoff Spencer


I make 399 to be:
Jakob Brull, Son of Moses and Josfa. Lawyer.  Varna, in the megye of Trencsen, male, married, 48
Cholera, 29 January 5pm, Hospital of the IXth Barracks, Kobanya new cemetery 31 January at 11am.
Tom Beer


I make 398 to be:
2 January 1941

1 January 1941at 4:45am
Samuel Spitzer
Religious duties, Israelite
A deceased unknown
The late Ferenc Spitzer

The late Cecilia Engel
Budapest 13th district, 33 Szabolc street
Stomach cancer
Annotated QU 1073 on the basis of written notification.

I am not sure about what the QU1703 of the annotation is, or even whether it is Q 21 107 3rd, but I think it relates to the missing signature of the notifier. 

Tom Beer

Melbourne, Australia


András Alvincz

Regards Andras Alvincz
Dear Geoff Spencer!
I can only complete Tom Beer's translation (with your kind permission)
According to the annexes
Andras Alvincz