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Judy Kaufman <judykaufman7@...>

My grandmother had a brother, John, or Yonya, or Janne Raskin.  I know he existed because 1) the family has a photo of my grandmother and all her 6 surviving siblings when they are all quite old, at some sort of family event, and each person is labeled - he is labeled here as Yonya;  2) When the parents and 7 children arrived in NY in 1906 (excluding my grandmother and her brother who I was told came earlier) on the ship log they state they are going to their son/brother John Raskin on Pitt St., NYC.  But I can't find any other information on him except this death record, except it's got an error.

I have attached Janne Raskin's doc. sec. death index record on Ancestry, which says:
Social Security Number: 063-20-6279
Birth Date: 1 Jul 1886   [I believe this is the correct birth date of my grandmother's brother because it is the same as her birth date, and I believe they were twins]
Death Date: Oct 1972

I sent away for the application for that ssn and the 1942 application I received (also attached) is for:
Janne Raskin - a female with birth surname Mallmen
birth date: Oct. 26, 1892

So it seems likely that the female Janne Raskin's ssn was mistakenly linked to the death of the male Janne Raskin...  although the birth date on the record, which is definitely not female Janne's birth date, confuses things.   I can't find any other records of a Raskin death in 1972.  

I haven't been able to find any other records for a female Janne Mallmen Raskin...  

Is there any way for me to untangle this and perhaps end up with more information about "my" Janne Raskin? 
Judy Kaufman
Irvine, CA

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